Curriculum                                              Radiography

Radiography courses are taken at Allen College

Summer 3
RA:111 Radiographic Procedures I 2
RA:112 Methods of Patient Care & Assessment I 1
Fall 12
RA:100 Medical Terminology 1
RA:115 Introduction to Radiography 3
RA:121 Radiographic Procedures II 5
RA:135 Clinical Practicum 3
Spring 13
RA:122 Methods of Patient Care & Assessment 2
RA:131 Radiographic Procedures III 5
RA:145 Clinical Practicum II 4
RA: 154 Imaging Methods & Sectional Anatomy 2
Summer 6
RA:255 Clinical Practicum  III 6
Fall 12
RA:203A Radiographic Outcomes I 1
RA:251 Radiographic Physics 3
RA:258 Radiography Pathology 2
RA:265 Clinical Practicum IV 6
Spring 12
RA:203B Radiographic Outcomes II 1
RA:261 Radiation Protection 2
RA:270 Quality Assurance 4
RA:275 Clinical Practicum V 5
General Education Courses (completed at another institution) 22
ASR Courses (completed at Allen College) 58
Total Hours Required for ASR Degree  80

Evening/Weekend Rotations
Professional Development Practicum Courses RA145, RA255, RA265, and RA275 may require evening and weekend rotations. Evening hour rotations are defined as any hours before 5 a.m. or after 7 p.m., Monday - Friday. Weekend hours are defined as any hours on Saturday or Sunday.

Information subject to change without prior notification