Bachelor of Science in Nursing

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The baccalaureate program prepares professional nurses who can practice in a variety of settings. The program leads to a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, which may serve as a terminal degree or the basis for graduate study.

Nursing Mission

Allen College Nursing Programs prepare graduates who meet essential professional practice standards in a variety of settings and within diverse communities.  These nursing programs build on a foundation of liberal education with an emphasis on scholarship, experiential and lifelong learning, and community service.

Nursing Philosophy

The philosophy and purpose of the nursing program arise from the mission, philosophy, and goals of Allen College. The faculty values the goals of higher education and supports the missions of scholarship, practice, and service.

Nursing is an art and science that is continuously evolving through synthesis of theory and knowledge from nursing and related disciplines. As a holistic and humanistic profession, nursing is concerned with the health-related biopsychosocial, spiritual, and intellectual needs of diverse clients. Caring is the essence of nursing practice and is actualized in the context of the nurse-client relationship. Nurses apply the nursing process while using evidence, critical thinking, and clinical judgment to provide client-centered care. As members of the health team, nurses collaborate with other health professionals in the delivery of safe, high quality, culturally sensitive care to diverse individuals, families, and communities.

The faculty believes in a holistic approach to nursing education, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual. The teaching-learning process involves a dynamic interaction among teacher, learner, and environment. Learning is an active, lifelong, self-motivated process necessary for professional and personal development.  Knowledge, skills, and attitudes are best transferred using principles of good teaching and a variety of teaching methods in diverse settings.  The Allen College faculty value service to the community as an extension of learning that fosters the development of a sense of caring for others.

Graduate Outcomes

In concert with the Allen College philosophy and the School of Nursing program philosophy the graduate will:

  1. Provide basic organizational and systems leadership.
  2. Integrate evidence-based practice in nursing care.
  3. Manage healthcare data, information, knowledge, and technology.
  4. Demonstrate understanding of healthcare policy, finance, and regulatory environments.
  5. Facilitate inter-professional communication and collaboration in healthcare teams.
  6. Use patient-centered strategies when delivering care to diverse individuals and populations.
  7. Model the professional role.
  8. Use data to monitor outcomes and improve care.
  9. Deliver safe care through system effectiveness and individual performance.
  10. Synthesize knowledge from liberal and baccalaureate nursing education to guide generalist practice.

Licensure Information

Graduates earning the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree may be eligible to write the National Council Licensure Examination - Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN). Upon passing the examination, the individual may be licensed as a Registered Nurse in the state they apply.

The following tracks are available:

Request a transfer credit evaluation to find out how your previous college credits may transfer to any of the tracks to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.

Allen College considers admitting applicants living out of state or country.

Applicants and current students must be aware select states require approval prior to Allen College offering online courses and clinical study in those states. Additionally, a state certification or governing licensing board may also require prior approval for an Allen College student to engage in clinical study within the state. Therefore, Allen College cannot guarantee out-of- state clinical or practicum placement. Allen College also cannot guarantee students maintaining residency in a state other than Iowa will be allowed to enroll in online courses.

Applicants planning to maintain residency in any state other than Iowa, and planning to enroll in an online course or engage in clinical study in any state other than Iowa, should consult an admission counselor prior to applying to Allen College.

The Iowa Code (Chapter 147.3) states that conviction of certain felonies will make an individual ineligible for licensure. Previous conviction of a felony does not automatically bar an individual from eligibility for licensure. After completion of a nursing education program, the student will file an application for licensure with a state board of nursing. At that time, the board of nursing may review any felony convictions to determine eligibility for licensure.