Curriculum Degree Option

A student must complete a minimum of 36 credit hours, including at least 24 credit hours of MSN-level coursework at Allen College to graduate.


MSN core courses: 17 credit hours

Community/Public Health Nurse courses: 19 credit hours

  • NU 730 Clinical Prevention and Population Health: 3 credit hours
  • NU 645 Community/Public Health I: 3 credit hours (2 theory/1 practicum)
  • NU 646 Community/Public Health II: 3 credit hours (2 theory/ 1 practicum)
  • NU 647C Community/Public Health Clinical Enrichment: 1 credit hour (practicum)
  • NU 651 Leadership I: Role/Organization Theory/Change 3 credit hours (2 theory/1 clinical)

Elective: 6 credit hours*

*Students may choose from leadership, education, or practice for a secondary focus within the Community/Public Health Nurse MSN program.


  • 36 Credit Hours
  • 300 Clinical Hours
Course content is delivered in an online format.