Dental Hygiene

Allen College is accepting applications for the Bachelor of Health Science in Dental Hygiene program. For additional information please contact Lisa Williams at (319) 226-2090 or the Program Director, Tonya Enright at (319) 226-2521.

The online BHS-DH degree completion program offers dental hygienists the opportunity to further their education without the restrictions of work schedules and distance. The online program delivers all required dental hygiene courses in 16-week modules that can be completed on a part-time basis over a 24 month time frame or full-time on a 12 month time frame. All general education courses can be completed at any regionally accredited institution of the student's choice.

The faculty believes that students engage in self-directed learning activities, advance their knowledge through critical thinking, exhibit values for lifelong learning, synthesize evidence-based information and develop leadership skills.

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the dental hygiene bachelor's in health science degree completion program is based on the mission and goals of Allen College. To fulfill our mission, we provide a quality baccalaureate program that prepares men and women from culturally and ethnically diverse communities for careers in health science. The Bachelor of Health Science Degree stresses the interrelationship of academic and professional studies to provide liberal education with an emphasis on experiential learning and community service in a variety of settings with people from diverse backgrounds. Incorporated into the bachelor of health science completion in dental hygiene program is a firm foundation in the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences necessary for the development of critical thinking, creativity, literacy, leadership skills, values, and comprehensive knowledge of the profession. This will enable the graduate to meet professional practice standards and has a sound foundation for future study. The bachelor of health science dental hygiene completion program is dedicated to a holistic approach to education recognizing the uniqueness of each student, to excellence in education, to the utilization of and participating in scholarship and evidenced based practice, and to the promotion of health.

Program Goals

Goal 1: Students will demonstrate evidence-based decision making skills.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will

  • practice evidence-based decision making in the dental hygiene profession.
  • analyze research and apply evidence-based decision making in case planning.

Goal 2: Students will exhibit effective communication skills.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will

  • practice written communication skills.
  • demonstrate effective oral communication skills.

Goal 3: Students will demonstrate critical thinking.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will

  • demonstrate critical thinking when individualizing patient needs.
  • demonstrate ability to practice critical thinking.

Goal 4: Students will have increased awareness of professional associations and activities.

Student Learning Outcomes: Students will

  • integrate leadership skills and construct professional practices.
  • practice professionalism.
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