Traditional BSN

The Traditional BSN Option allows students to complete all nursing coursework of the program in five sequential semesters (two and one-half years) of full-time study. A minimum number of prescribed general education credits and specified courses must be completed prior to admission to the College and prior to enrollment in the Upper Division Traditional BSN Option. Students will be admitted (or be assured of admission) to Allen College in the fall or spring. Both outstanding high school students and recent graduates can request guaranteed admission to Allen College for a future date following successful completion of prescribed general education coursework.

Students must complete a minimum of 124 semester hours of coursework to earn the Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. Students must complete a minimum of 57 semester hours of general education coursework as outlined in the plan of study. Students attend other regionally accredited colleges and universities to complete the general education component of the plan of study. Students are required to complete a minimum of 67 semester hours of nursing coursework.