General Education                    Diagnostic Medical Sonography

General Education courses must be taken at another institution prior to matriculation

Humanities                                                                                              9
   Written Composition (Intermediate Level)*  3
   Oral Communication*  3
   Humanities Electives
    Defined by Allen College as: Art, Music, Theater, Dance,
    English, Foreign Language, Philosophy, History,
    Cultures, Civilization, Literature, Religion, Economics,
    and Communication Arts
Social Sciences
   Social Science Electives
    Defined by Allen College as: Geography, History, Political
    Science, Psychology, Social Work, Sociology, Family
    Services, Economics, Management, Anthropology, and
Natural Sciences & Mathematics  18
   Anatomy and Physiology I with lab*  3
   Anatomy and Physiology II with lab*  3
   General Physics*  3
   College Algebra or higher* 3
   Additional Match/Science courses  6
Additional Requirements  16
   Diversity Elective (course exploring another culture)  3
   General Electives (any course at the college level)
   Medical Terminology 1

General Education Courses (completed at another institution)  58

DMS Courses (completed at Allen College)  66

Total Hours Required for Bachelor of Health Science Degree  124

*Applicants with a baccalaureate degree at the time of review must complete only these general education courses