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Escrow/validation of credit for graduates of basic nursing programs from any state that are not validated for participation in the Iowa Articulation Plan. The target audience for this option are graduates with some college credit (12 or more) who may have graduated from a program in any state.

Credit Granted

42 nursing credits are held in escrow until the following course is successfully completed.

  • NU:301  Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing

Additional Nursing Courses Required

30 Semester Hours


  CourseCredit Hours
NU 301 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing
NU 380Introduction to Nursing Research
NU 430Grief, Loss and End of Life Care
NU 445Nursing Electives
NU 450Nursing Care of the Community as Client
NU 455
Nursing Care of the Community at Home
NU 460
Nursing Leadership
NU 496
Nursing Capstone
 Total Credit Hours  30


General Education Courses Required
Semester Hours
Anatomy and Physiology 6
Statistics 3
Microbiology 3
Sociology 3
Psychology 3
Growth and Development 3
Nutrition 3
Written Communication 6
Diversity elective 3
Humanities electives 9
General electives 4
Social Science electives 6
Total 52

Credit granted for additional transferable college courses is determined on an individual basis.

124 Total Semester Hours are Required for Graduation

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