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The Nursing Education program prepares individuals with essential knowledge and skills to provide health education with a broad scope of delivery. Students complete the core coursework toward the Master of Science in Nursing Degree. In addition, all students receive education theory related to media technology, informatics, distance education, advising/counseling, teaching/learning principles, innovation in education, and program outcomes evaluation. Students may then specialize in one of four areas: academics, community health education, staff development, or school health education. Practicum experiences are tailored to the individual student's specialty focus and career goals. Graduates possess the knowledge and skills necessary to provide health education appropriate for patient populations, community groups, primary/secondary education, or formal academic programs in both urban and rural settings.

Frequently Asked Questions 


What is the role of the Nurse Educator?
The Nurse Educator engages in all aspects of the educational process for nurses, including preparation and delivery of educational materials, advising and evaluation of students, and governance of the nursing program.  Educational settings include the classroom, the lab, the clinical setting, and the online setting.  Nurse Educators teach students to be safe, effective nurses who provide high-quality care to their patients and who practice autonomy within nursing’s scope of practice.   

Who can apply for the Allen College Education Program?
Registered nurses with a bachelor’s degree in nursing from a  regionally accredited school may apply.  (Students who hold a bachelor's degree in a field other than nursing may also apply  They will be required to take undergraduate courses in statistics, nursing research and community health prior to enrollment in certain master's level courses in addition to holding an associate's degree in nursing).  A minimum overall undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale is required. A minimum of one-year of clinical nursing experience as a registered nurse is required for enrollment in courses with a clinical/practicum requirement.

 How many clinical hours are required in the education track?
300 clinical hours

Do Nurse Educators have difficulty finding employment?
Nurse Educators have been able to find employment.  There is a shortage of nursing faculty, especially those prepared at the doctoral level.  Nursing faculty must have at least a master’s degree in nursing to teach as faculty in baccalaureate programs, and higher degrees to teach in graduate programs.  Please check with your state board of nursing for further information on requirements to be nursing faculty.

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