Allen College Graduates Excel on RN Licensure Exam

April 19, 2012



For more information: Dr. Jerry Durham, 319-226-2011



The Allen College School of Nursing has learned that its registered nurse (RN) licensure examination  pass rate for 2011 graduates was 95.3%.  Of the 107 test takers, 102 passed the National Council Licensure Examination, known as the NCLEX,  on their first attempt.  The College also reported that the first quarter NCLEX pass rate for 2012 was 96.7% with 29 of 30 graduates passing the test on first attempt.   Allen College’s pass rate on the NCLEX in 2011 was the second highest among Iowa colleges offering a four-year bachelor’s degree in nursing.  Only the University of Iowa had a higher pass rate--96.8%--in 2011.  The college also learned that 100% of its 29 accelerated BSN program graduates in 2011 passed the examination on first attempt, marking the second consecutive year that the accelerated BSN graduates had a 100% pass rate.  According to Allen College chancellor Dr. Jerry Durham, the 15- month accelerated BSN program admits students who either already hold a bachelor’s degree in a non-nursing field or who have completed at least 66 semester hours of credit.  All students admitted to the accelerated program must also complete prescribed coursework before starting the program.

According to Allen College nursing dean Dr. Kendra Williams-Perez, the average pass rates in 2011 for all RN programs in Iowa and the across nation were 86.3%  and 87.9 % respectively. Allen’s vice chancellor of academic affairs, Dr. Nancy Kramer, said that the NCLEX pass rate for the Allen’s graduates has usually exceeded state and nation pass rates for the past several years.  She attributed the College’s high pass rate to several factors, including the admission of bright, high-achieving students; knowledgeable and experienced faculty and staff who provide individual attention to students; excellent clinical experiences; and test preparation activities that assist graduates in passing the test.  She also alluded to academic services and resources that the College provides to support students to ensure their academic success, including learning strategies, study habits, test-taking skills, critical thinking abilities, time management, and career management skills offered by the College’s retention coordinator, Dana Wedeking.

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