Allen College Growth Sparks Organizational Changes

July 15, 2009
Growth in the number of academic programs and enrollment at Allen College in recent years has led to a decision by the College’s Board of Trustees to approve a several organizational changes. Effective this month, the College’s two academic divisions have been renamed “The School of Nursing” and “The School of Health Sciences.” Both schools are led by deans. The School of Nursing is led by Dr. Nancy Kramer, while the School of Health Sciences is headed by Dr. Peggy Fortsch. In addition, the School of Nursing now has two assistant deans. Dr. Kendra Williams-Perez leads the undergraduate nursing program and another assistant dean, to been named, will lead graduate nursing programs. In a related change, the title of the College’s dean of academic affairs, Dr. Susan Dawson, has been changed to vice-chancellor of academic affairs.

The School of Nursing offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree program with four tracks and a Master of Sciences in Nursing program with six tracks. More then 225 students are enrolled in undergraduate nursing programs, while the MSN program is expected to enroll about 150 students in fall 2009. The School of Nursing is also planning a Doctor of Nursing Practice program which has received interim approval by the Iowa board of nursing.

The School of Health Sciences currently offers two degrees: the Associate of Science in Radiography and the Bachelor of Health Sciences (BHS). The BHS program will admit its first students in fall 2009 to two tracks—nuclear medical technology and clinical laboratory science. An additional track in diagnostic medical sonography will admit its first class of students in fall 2010.
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