Allen College to Implement Honors Option

May 6, 2009
Allen College’s nursing faculty has approved an honors program for students enrolled in the five-semester, upper-division pre-licensure track of the College’s BSN program. The new honors program seeks to strengthen student engagement and leadership through service learning experiences. The honors program consists of three 1- credit hour courses that are taken sequentially during the final three semesters of the BSN program. These courses may be used to meet the program’s nursing elective requirement and do not require students to complete additional course requirements in order to graduate with service honors. The first course, AC: 316 Introduction to Service Honors, exposes students to the various service organizations and allows them to learn about service-learning opportunities available to them. By the end of this course, students will select a partner organization and develop a preliminary proposal for their project. During the second course, AC: 317 Service Honors Seminar, students will partner with their selected organization and further develop their plan for intervention. During the third and final course, AC: 318 Service Honors Practicum, students will implement and evaluate their project.

Upper division pre-licensure nursing students are eligible to apply for the service honors program during the second semester of the nursing program while they are enrolled in the required service learning course AC: 315 Learning and Serving. Students wishing to enter the honors program must complete an application process and be accepted into the service honors program. Acceptance into the program will be competitive and reserved for highly motivated students who have expressed a desire to provide service to the community.

In order to successfully progress in the program, students will need to achieve a grade of “B” or above in each honors course. As students progress through the program they will be working exclusively with the same faculty mentor. Students who have successfully completed the curricular requirements of the service honors program will be recognized with a service honors designation on their transcript and diploma.
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