Allen College Graduates Excel in Passing Licensure and Certification Examinations

February 21, 2011

WATERLOO, IOWA—Allen College’s 2010 graduates have exceeded state and national pass rates on two nursing and two health science examinations.  According to Dr. Nancy Kramer, Allen College’s Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs, 97.8% of the College’s pre-licensure Bachelor of Science in Nursing graduates program passed the RN licensure examination on their first attempt.  The average pass rate in Iowa for 2010 was just under 84% while the national pass rate pass rate was 87.4%.  Vice-Chancellor Kramer also noted that 100% of nurse practitioner graduates of the College’s Master of Science in Nursing program also passed national certification examinations, a trend that has continued since the College began its first nurse practitioner program in 1998.  Continuing a several-year trend, 100% of the 2010 graduates of the College’s Associate of Science in Radiography (ASR) program also passed the national radiography certification examination.  Finally, the first graduates of the College’s new program in nuclear medicine technology also reported a 100% pass rate on their certification examination, compared to a national pass rate of 88.2%.  Dr. Kramer noted a number of factors that contributed to these successes, including excellent students, a well-qualified and dedicated faculty, and testing preparation the College offers its graduates.

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