RN-BSN Cohort

Curriculum Plan:



Credit Hours

Fall Semester 2008 Cohort Group  

AC:305 Academic Writing for the Health Professions (may count as a NU:445 Nursing Elective) 
NU:301 Transition to Baccalaureate Nursing



Spring Semester 2009    

NU:445 Nursing Elective
NU:460 Nursing Leadership


Summer Semester 2009    
  NU:380 Introduction to Nursing Research


Fall Semester 2009    
  NU:455 Nursing Care of the Client at Home
NU:430 Grief, Loss & End of Life Issues



Spring Semester 2010    
  NU:450 Nursing Care of the Community as Client
NU:496 Nursing Capstone or NU:445 Nursing Elective



Summer Semester 201    
  NU:445 Nursing Elective or NU:496 Nursing Capstone


Iowa Health System RN to BSN Cohort Plan Available to IHS Nurses

A cohort-based plan of study provides a schedule of courses to an identified group of students who, together, start and complete the nursing coursework as a group. Courses within the program are offered in a planned sequence, which is announced when the program is initiated and remains unchanged until that cohort is completed. In a cohort-based plan of study, faculty members know which classes each student has completed, thereby allowing the faculty members to plan and teach in ways that build on prior courses. The curriculum in a cohort program builds stronger links among courses. Iowa Health System nurses may be admitted to the RN to BSN Track as a cohort that moves through the program together, taking courses in the order announced from the start to the completion of the program. Certain Iowa Health System affiliates may provide special funding to support nurses who enroll in the cohort plan of study. Cohort participation requires approval of the IHS affiliate's chief nurse officer who must sign this form. Additional information may be obtained by contacting RN to BSN coordinator Barbara Seible at 319/226-2033 or This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it .

With the cohort approach, a prospective student is expected to commit to enrolling in all of the required nursing courses offered over a two year period that includes four academic semesters and two summer terms. Students will enroll in two courses in the fall and spring semesters and one course in the summer-a total of five courses in a calendar year. Students who are not employed within the Iowa Health System also enroll in the nursing courses that are offered to cohort plan students, but these non-IHS students will not be eligible for the reduced tuition plan nor will they be expected to follow the two-year cohort plan of study.

Key features of the IHS RN to BSN Cohort plan of study are as follows:


  • Can complete the baccalaureate education while managing work and family responsibilities;
  • Stay in their own community and complete each course at a time that is convenient to them;
  • Complete all required nursing courses in two calendar years of part-time study;
  • RN-BSN nursing coursework for the Cohort Pathway will be offered in the 8 week block format.
  • Complete nursing courses by online study with experienced, caring faculty--only six on-campus meetings are required for the entire program;
  • Can access many of Allen College's library resources from their homes;
  • Are not required to take tests to validate their prior nursing knowledge;
  • Can complete any needed general education non-nursing courses at regionally accredited colleges or universities of their choice. Fifty-two hours of general education coursework are required. Transcripts will be evaluated to determine transferable credit; and
  • Can often obtain financial assistance available through their employer.

Internet Only: NU:301, NU:380, NU:496.
Offered in classroom each fall and spring semester: NU:430, NU:455, NU:450, NU:460.

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