Public Health (PH)

The Purpose of this population-focused baccalaureate degree program is to prepare graduates who can practice optimally in a variety of dynamic public health settings.  The program leads to the Bachelor of Health Sciences degree with a major in public health (BHS-PH). This degree may serve as a terminal degree or as the basis for graduate study in public health or a related field.

The philosophy and purpose of the BHS-PH program flows from the mission, philosophy and goals of Allen College.  The faculty believes that certain concepts and values are essential in the education of the baccalaureate-prepared, population-focused health profoessional.  These concepts form the foundation of the curriculum and organize its design and implementation.

The faculty believes that students engage in self-directed learning activities, advance their knowledge through critical thinking, exhibit values for lifelong learning, synthesize evidence-based information and develop leadership skills.

The program provides learners with the knowledge and experiences that increase career opportunities and allow for intellectual and professional growth.  Learning activities allow exploration of a variety of public health practice settings and prmote lifelong learning.  Learning is both self-directed and other-directed and is best achieved when the learner is an active participant in the learning process.  The graduates of the program will be prepared with knowledge of public/community health intervention strategies, interpretation and application of research, communication, educational leadership, resource management, and healh care delivery models in a variety of community settings.  The program prepares graduates to be cognizant of new systems of health care delivery, changing disease patterns, population patterns, and a more advanced health conscious public.  Graduates of the program will be successful in adapting to these changes and advancing professionally.

This program enables the graduate to integrate the varied roles of the public health profession and to interact in a collegial manner with various disciplines.  Graduates develop competence, accountability, and integrity in upholding ethnical, legal, and professional standards while serving the community.  This program guides students in developing the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary for positions of responsibility in a variety of healthcare, educational, research and community settings.

Program Mission Statement

The mission of the BHS-PH degree program is to translate population-based knowledge into strategies to prevent human disease and disability.  The program prepares graduates for careers in the public health field that focus on interventions and programs aimed at improving the health status and quality of life for individuals and populations.  The BHS-PH program is dedicated to a holistic approach to education recognizing the uniqueness of each student, to excellence in education and to the utilization of and participation in scholarship and evidenced based practices that promote health and prevent human disease and disability.

Program Goals

The BHS-PH program seeks to:

  1. educate professional who are competent care providers in a variety of public health settings;
  2. promote critical thinking, scholarship, and citizenship to improve the quality of life for individuals, families and communities;
  3. facilitate the development of effective communication skills; and
  4. develop a commitment to lifelong learning and the role of the population-focused health professional.
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    Contact: Smruti Vartak, MPH, PhD
    Academic Program Director
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    Andrea Schupbach
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