In the true spirit of Christian love and service, it is the philosophy of Allen College to provide educational opportunities and resources that will facilitate student achievement of academic excellence and clinical competence with emphasis on the art of human caring. The College encourages individuals to develop their inherent abilities to full potential, and facilitates lifelong learning, a problem-solving approach, professional adaptability and a humanistic approach to new technology.

Education is defined as a holistic process that involves faculty and students in a commitment to learning with mutual accountability for personal and professional growth. The educational environment provides students a wholesome, intellectually stimulating environment in which caring and respect for all individuals is evident.

Community service provides faculty and students with an opportunity to share knowledge and expertise with others in fulfillment of responsibility to society. The role of the professional includes responsible action related to the needs of society.

Research and critical analysis give support and direction to both education and practice. Action related to data generated from study and research allows change to occur in an orderly fashion.