Essential Functions (ASR)


Following is a list of typical essential functions that represents the activities a student must be able to perform in order to participate in the Associate of Science Degree in Radiography program.




Critical Thinking

Patient needs/problem solving/critical thinking abilities sufficient for clinical judgment. Use verbal, nonverbal cue to identify patient needs/problems.

Evaluate and critique imaging products for technical accuracy and procedural determinations. Identify cause-effect relationships in clinical situations.
InterpersonalInterpersonal abilities sufficient to interact with individuals, families, and groups from a variety of social, emotional, cultural, and intellectual backgrounds.

Establish rapport with patients and colleagues and other health care providers.


Communication proficiency at a professional level in English, both verbal and written, to include reading, writing spelling, speaking, and listening.

Explain radiographic procedures, initiate health teaching, document and interpret patient responses. Document clearly, correctly, and without spelling errors. Read at college level.
MobilityPhysical abilities sufficient to provide safe and effective radiography care.Transport patient via ambulation, wheelchair, stretchers, and other modes throughout the Radiology Department and the hospital at large. Provide appropriate life support services. Perform patient positioning and manipulation necessary for radiographic procedures/position. Transport, manipulate, and operate radiographic equipment, accessories, and ancillary instrumentation for patient imaging.
Motor Skills

Gross and fine motor abilities sufficient to provide safe and effective radiography care.

Perform and operate fundamental testing, care, and maintenance. Manipulate and work with various radiographic units. Coordinate and provide fluoroscopic and contrast media examinations and assist physicians.
HearingAuditory ability sufficient to monitor and assess health needs to communicate with individuals, families, groups, communities, and health care professionals.

Hear monitor alarms, emergency signals, and cries for help.


Visual ability sufficient for observation, assessment, and provision of radiography care.

Ability to immobilize patients securely and safely. Perform functions of procedural examinations related to insertion of barium enema tips.

Mental alertness sufficient to provide safe, effective radiography care.

Observe and respond to patients and perform radiographic exams accurately.

       Felony Conviction

         Eligibility for certification/registry exam requires that the applicant be of good moral character. Conviction of a misdemeanor of felony my indicate a lack of good character for American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) purposes. The ARRT conducts a thorough review of all convictions to determine their impact on eligibility. Documentation my be required for a review including a written personal explanation and court records to verify the conviction, the sentence, and completion of the sentence.

          Individuals considering enrollment in an educational program of already enrolled may submit a pre-application form to have the impact of convictions on eligibility evaluated. Pre-Application Review forms may be requested from the Department of Regulatory Services at the ARRT office. If the eligibility review is requested within one year of the intended examination date, a regular examination application form may be submitted early instead of the pre-application form.

          Anything less than complete and total disclosure of any and all convictions will be considered as having provided false or misleading information to the ARRT. This is grounds for permanent denial of eligibility for certification. The ARRT may conduct criminal background searches whenever appropriate. Disciplinary action may be taken at any time upon discovery that this disclosure was not complete.

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