MSN Curriculum                                    LEAD

A minimum of 36 credit hours, including at least 24 credit hours of MSN-level coursework, must be completed at Allen College.

MSN Core Requirements: 17 credit hours

Leadership in Healthcare Delivery-Administration Track (LEAD):   19 credit hours
NU: 651 Leadership I: Role/Organizational Theory/Change:
2 credit hours theory
NU: 651C Leadership Clinical : 1credit hour clinical
NU: 652 Leadership II: Health Care Organizations/Legal/Ethical: 2 credit hours theory
NU: 652C Leadership Clinical I: 1 credit hour clinical
NU: 653 Leadership III: Quality/Safety/Regulator: 2 credit hours theory
NU: 653C Leadership Clinical II: 1credit hour clinical
NU: 654C Leadership Enrichment: 1 credit hour clinical
NU: 664 Health Care Economics & Financial Management: 3credit hours theory
NU: 667 Human Resources for the Health Care Manager: 3 credit hours theory
Elective 3credit hours
MSN Core + LEAD Track: 36 Credit Hours/300 Clinical Hours