Master of Science in Nursing FAQs

How often do you admit students?

Students can be admitted to fall or spring semester.

Is a bachelor's degree in nursing required for admission?

No. Students who do not hold a bachelor's degree in nursing, but hold a bachelor's degree in another field must also have an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN). Undergraduate courses in statistics, nursing research and community health are required prior to enrollment in certain master's level courses at Allen College.

Is an admission examination (e.g. GRE) required?


Is clinical experience required prior to admission?

No. While clinical experience is not required prior to admission, nurse practitioner students must have 800 clinical experience as an RN prior to enrolling in a clinical specialty course.

Do you require an interview as part of the admission process?


How many students are admitted?

The number of students admitted is dependent on the space available in each program. Most programs have a capacity of 25 students in the program specific courses.

What is the deadline for applying?

While applications are accepted throughout the year, Allen College reviews applications as follows:

September 1 - applications are reviewed for admission for the spring semester.
February 1 - applications are reviewed for admission for the fall semester.

If the master's programs can be filled by the dates above, they will be. Applications coming in after those dates will be reviewed in date order until the program is filled.

How long will it take for me to know if I am accepted?

Students who have applied prior to the review dates listed above will be notified of an admission decision within one month. Students who have applied after the review dates listed above will be notified as space is available.

Can I take some graduate courses before being admitted?

Because of the high demand of Allen College graduates, we may be unable to accommodate students wishing to take courses prior to admission. However, our recruiters can help students find graduate courses that will transfer to Allen College.

How long will it take me to complete the degree?

A master's degree from Allen College can be completed in two years, dependent on course availability. Most Allen College students complete their degree in three to four years at a part-time pace while working.

Over how many weeks is each class offered?

Fall and spring courses are offered over 16-week semesters. Summer course terms vary, and are most typically taught in 8 or 12-week terms.

Is a thesis required?

No. Students completing a master of science in nursing degree complete a graduate project.

Will I have to come to campus to complete the degree requirements?

Yes. All tracks in the master of science in nursing degree or post-graduate certificate require some face-to-face meetings. The core master of science in nursing courses are taught in an online format. Each track in the master of science in nursing degree is taught differently. Please refer to the FAQs listed in your desired track.

Is there a residency requirement?

Students enrolled in a nurse practitioner track will be required to attend one, three-day residency.

I have never taken an online course. What should I do to prepare to take an online course?

Take our online learning readiness quiz at (coming soon).

What is the format that masters courses are offered?

Allen College uses Blackboard as the platform for online learning.

What hardware/software will I need?

Please review the hardware/software requirements.

Do I have to carry malpractice insurance?

No, students do not need to carry malpractice insurance.

Do I have to be licensed as an RN to start the program?

Students who have recently graduated from an undergraduate program may be admitted conditionally for one semester while becoming licensed as an RN.

Does Allen College accept transfer credit?

Yes, Request a degree audit to find out how your previous graduate college credits may transfer to any of the tracks to earn a Master of Science in Nursing degree or Post-graduate certificate.

What financial assistance is available for me?

Yes. Many Allen College students receive financial assistance to help cover educational expenses. Please visit our financial aid webpage.

How many credits do I need in order to be considered full-time?

Students enrolled in 8 or more credit hours are considered full-time students in the graduate programs. Students enrolled in 4 - 7 credit hours are considered part-time students.