MSN Curriculum                                    EDU

A minimum of 39 credit hour, including at least 24 credit hours of MSN-level coursework, must be completed at Allen College.

MSN Core Requirements: 17 credit hours

Nursing Education courses: 22 credit hours

  • NU550 Advanced Health Assessment: 2 credit hours theory, 1 credit hour lab/clinical
  • NU560 Advanced Physiology and Disease States: 3 credit hours  theory
  • NU570 Advanced Pharmacology: 3 credit hours theory
  • NU630 Curriculum Theory and Design: 3 credit hours theory
  • NU635 Curriculum Development and Implementation: 3 credit hours theory
  • NU635C Education Clinical I: 2 credit hours clinical
  • NU640 Education Evaluation: 3 credit hours theory
  • NU640C Educational Clinical II: 2 credit hours clinical

Total Clinical Hours: 375

All theory courses are delivered in an online format, except NU550 which is delivered in hybrid format.

1 credit hour clinical = 75 hours