Allen College

Information for Students Who Will be Implementing EBP/QI Projects at University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics

Note: The following information is based on the most recently available information from the University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.

Students who will be conducting their projects in University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics (UIHC) settings will need to have their projects vetted by the University of Iowa (Hawk) IRB and approved by the Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice Committee (NREC). 

  • The student's project advisor will need to request student placement in the UIHC project setting. This request must include the project purpose, objectives, and expected project timeframe. A template for writing this request is available on the ACIRB Forms and Templates webpage.
  • Students will need to complete two UIHC forms:  (1) the University of Iowa Human Subjects Research Determination (HSRD) and (2) the NREC Student Projects Form 3.
  • Follow the instructions on Form 3 carefully. Note you will prepare the HSRD form, but do not submit it to the IRB until after you have obtained approvals and signatures on Form 3!
  • When completing the HSRD form, students should be careful to avoid use of any research terminology such as "study," "sample size," "research," and so on, or the project may be flagged as research, which could lengthen the review process.
  • Students doing EBP/QI projects should not complete a Hawk IRB "new project" approval form!
  • Once the HSRD form is submitted, the student should receive notification from the IRB that the project was determined to be evidence-based practice, not research (see below).  The HSRD decision will trigger notification from the Hawk IRB.
  • Students will be notified of the NREC decision separately, sometime after being notified of the Hawk IRB HSRD decision.

Additional information about the IRB-NREC processes at UIHC:

  • The Hawk IRB and NREC processes can happen concurrently.
  • The NREC process is in place to be sure projects are approved for adequate resources and managerial approval.
  • The NREC form is currently under revision.
  • Seeking Hawk IRB approval for research projects is appropriate for research. HSRD is used to determine if the project is research or not. If it is decided that it is NOT Human Subjects Research, no further approval is needed by the IRB. Allen College MSN EBP/QI project should not fall into the category of research. Contact your advisor if the IRB HSRD decision is that your project is human subjects research.