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Winter Family Promises
to Keep Award

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The "Winter Family Promises to Keep Award" seeks to create a partnership between the student and Allen College. The goal of the award is to provide financial support for deserving Allen College undergraduate students while also creating a vision of philanthropy through this relationship that will benefit future generations of Allen College students. The name of the award signifies the commitment by the recipient to provide philanthropic support for future Allen College students.

  • The program selects eligible Allen College undergraduate students in their final two semesters of study who have demonstrated a potential for positively changing the lives of other people through philanthropy and service to their communities.
  • Selected students will receive an award, typically ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, in their final year of undergraduate study. In return, award recipients are asked to consider making donations over a 15 year period following graduation to the Winter Family Promises to Keep Award fund maintained by the Allen Foundation.
  • Each award recipient will meet with the college's president at the outset of his or her final year of study and again before graduation. These meetings allow the student to review the expectations of the award and understand the positive impact philanthropic actions can create at Allen College.
  • Allen College is restricted from granting a Winter Family Promises to Keep Award to Allen Health System associates.

A key goal of the "Winter Family Promises to Keep" Award is for Allen College to receive an annual gift from 100 percent of the award recipients. This award reflects two promises:

  • The promise that the college will support the worthy recipient in order for the recipient to meet her or his educational goals to positively change the lives of others, and
  • The promise that the award recipient, as the result of reaping benefits provided by the award, will contribute back the amount of the award and become a lifelong donor to Allen College.


Deadline for Application

Applicants who will enter their final two semesters of study must apply for the award by established deadlines as outlined on the application form.

If you graduate after these dates, deadlines for application will be set at a later date.

Applications must be submitted by the deadline to be considered. Click on the link at the bottom of this page to apply.

Selection of Award Recipients

The Allen College president and a representative of the Allen Foundation will review all Award applications and select finalists for an interview. Following this interview, each applicant will be notified if they have been selected for the Award. Applicants selected for the Award will be asked to sign an agreement stating that they understands the expectations of the award.

Date of Disbursements to Recipients

The Winter Family Promises to Keep Award will be awarded during the recipient's final two semesters of study.

Giving Back

Recipients of the Winter Family Promises to Keep Award are asked to pay back the amount of the award over several years, not to exceed 15 years. A suggested payment schedule will be provided to each award recipient. Recipients of the Award understand that they have no legal obligation to repay this award but rather an expectation, articulated at the time the award is made, that they will make every effort to return the amount of their award to the College in order to replenish the Award fund which will support future Allen College student recipients of this Award.