Allen College

Community Outreach: "Boundless"

Boundless: You are not bound to your past decisions – your future is boundless.

The Allen College occupational therapy (OT) students developed and implemented a program called “Boundless” on July 22, 2019 at the Waterloo Women Center for Change. The students developed the program and all the activities through their OT:521 Contemporary Service Delivery and Community Outreach course.

The students interacted with 25 women during the hour and half group. The women had an opportunity to explore and identify positive personal qualities, positive self-affirmation, learn and discuss positive parenting tips, realistic goal setting and how to use self-strengths to reach their goals.

The event was overwhelmingly positive for both the students and the women. The OT program looks forward to a continued community partnership with the Waterloo women’s Center for Change.