Allen College

Area Students Graduate from Allen College

Allen College awarded 94 degrees at its commencement ceremony on Friday, December 20 at Nazareth Lutheran Church in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

Allen College conferred 50 Bachelor of Science in Nursing degrees, 23 Master of Science of Nursing degrees and 21 Master of Science in Occupational Therapy degrees.

The speaker for Allen College’s summer commencement was Dr. Steve Bowen. He is the current President of the Iowa Occupational Therapy Association, getting ready to complete his second-year in that role. Prior to his presidency, Dr. Bowen worked for several years in legislative affairs for the Iowa and Nebraska Occupational Therapy Associations. Specifically, Dr. Bowen was the lobbyist for the Nebraska Occupational Therapy Association for three years where he learned the importance of advocating, not only for the profession of occupational therapy, but for healthcare access and improved health outcomes.

Dr. Bowen began his college studies at a small two-year college in Idaho but after three semesters put his education on hold to complete mission work in Europe for two years. When he returned, he completed his Associates Degree before starting the remainder of his undergraduate work at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. Due a lack of job opportunities matching his degree, Dr. Bowen began working in the concrete industry where he eventually started his own company as a concrete finisher. At that time, he was also supporting his wife’s photography company and starting his family. It was not until his mid-thirties when he decided to change paths by attending Creighton University where he earned his Doctorate of Occupational Therapy. While at Creighton, Dr. Bowen was inducted to the occupational therapy national honor society, Pi Theta Epsilon. Upon graduation, he was immediately hired as a TA and lab instructor, learning the intricacies of teaching in a graduate program. Dr. Bowen has been nominated twice for Teacher of the Year and once as mentor of the year.

Allen College offers degrees in both health sciences and nursing. Over 600 students are enrolled at the College this spring. Information on Allen College is available at