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August 27 | 2:30 p.m.

Dear Allen College Students,

I hope all of you are getting settled with your fall semester schedules and routines. For our returning students, welcome back to campus, I am glad that you are back! For our new students, welcome to campus and your new program!

While we are all adjusting to the new semester, I want to provide some very important guidelines to ensure we can keep our campus healthy and safe throughout the semester. For those of you who have been on campus, you have noticed that we have screening stations setup at the open entrances, are requiring face coverings and social distancing, and have rearranged some furniture to provide social distancing.

I understand that face coverings and social distancing are the antithesis of an immersive college experience. The foundation of higher education, especially healthcare education, is building relationships and learning in a collaborative, collegial environment. While face coverings and social distancing may be inconvenient and obtrusive, they are necessary to ensure we do not have a COVID-19 outbreak on campus which could significantly disrupt our semester.

I am imploring all of you to please closely abide by the guidance we have provided in terms of face coverings and social distancing. Specifically, please do not rearrange any of the campus furniture without permission to do so. The campus and classrooms have been carefully staged to promote a safe and healthy learning environment and I am asking you to please leave the furniture as it is.

No matter what the circumstances you face while on campus, my best advice is, when in doubt, wear a face covering and keep 6 feet between yourself and others. If you need to remove your face covering, for example to eat your lunch, please put yourself in a socially distanced position until you can replace your face covering. I have instructed all of our faculty and staff to address anyone who is not abiding by these requirements.

I fully realize that as college students, you want to spend time with your friends and support crew in social gathering settings. The local news media is showing videos of College Hill and Main Street in Cedar Falls where groups of young adults, presumably some college students, not following face covering and social distancing recommendations. While I will not ask you to stop participating in any type of social gatherings, I am asking you to be socially responsible and protect your health and safety. You are all leaders and are role models for your friends and peers. Use your voice and be an example to encourage your friends and peers to abide by what our public health officials are recommending for our society to get through this pandemic.

Ultimately, you are accountable to yourself for keeping safe and healthy. The ability for our campus to get through this semester with minimal disruptions is entirely dependent on you and every other student, faculty and staff to do the right thing and be accountable for your actions. If we all do our part, we will get through this semester with minimal disruption.

I am confident that all of you will do the right thing and follow the public health recommendations so we can minimize any further disruptions in our society due to COVID-19. Please do not hesitate to reach out to me if you would like to discuss this further.


Jared Seliger, PhD, CNMT

Previous COVID-19 Communications

August 24 - December 18, 2020

Building Hours & Screening Protocol

    Note: All Allen College faculty, staff, students and visitors must be screened for COVID-19. Refer to the building listings below for your screening site. A face mask is required when entering campus, when in any common area of campus and/or in situations where a 6-foot distance cannot be maintained. Refer to the Temporary Pandemic Policy for more guidance.

    • Barrett Forum, Winter Hall and Gerard Hall campus hours (Get screened for COVID-19 by entering Winter Hall)
      Monday - Thursday 7 a.m. - 8 p.m., Friday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    • McElroy Hall campus hours (Get screened for COVID-19 in McElroy Hall or Winter Hall before entering McElroy Hall)
      Monday - Thursday 7:30 a.m. - 8 p.m., Friday 7:30 a.m. - 5 p.m.

    • Alumni Hall campus hours (Get screened for COVID-19 in Winter Hall or McElroy Hall before entering Alumni Hall). By appointment or lab schedule only.


Cancellations/Rescheduled Activities

Below is a list of events that have been cancelled or rescheduled:

  • Allen College Scholarship Dinner – September 24 (Cancelled)