Allen College

Kyle Buskohl

Allen College Class of 2006, Associate of Science in Radiography

Employment History

I work as a Clinical Imaging Administrator at UnityPoint Health Corporate. I have been in this position for 5 years now. I previously worked as a Radiographer at Allen Hospital for 8 years and the PACS administrator for Allen for 2 years.

What led you to pursue your education at Allen College?

Both my brother and sister had previously graduated from Allen College. Once I decided what I wanted to do for a career I knew what Allen College had to offer for education and experience, so I decided to follow their lead.

What led you to your exact career path?

After graduating at Allen, I started as a Radiographer on 2nd shift. The upgrades for PACS usually happen in the evening and at night, so I was around for most of the upgrades. I learned a lot about PACS and also about the back end of the modalities during this time and also my time on 3rd shift. This led me into applying for the PACS administrator job at Allen Hospital when there was an opening. After that, I was in that job for 2 years when there was an opening at corporate UnityPoint and the ability to help keep the whole system up and running smoothly was very intriguing to me.

How did Allen College help prepare you for where you are now?

With the rotations to other hospitals, it gave me knowledge of how different organizations work. It also provided me with the knowledge of different PACS and modalities that are being used in different facilities. With the various rotations, it also gives students the opportunity to make different connections with people for when they start their careers.

What piece of advice would you give to current Allen students?

Take every opportunity to explore what options and avenues there are in the line of work you think you want to be in. There is always more out there than you know of, so take the time and gain the knowledge that is being presented to you to help shape where you want to be in your future careers. You never know where your degree can bring you and what doors you can open by just taking the time to look and listen to the options.