Allen College

Craig Buskohl
Allen College Class of 2001


Radiology Manager at Grundy County Memorial Hospital, Adjunct Instructor at Allen College

What led you to Allen College?

My younger sister was taking a campus visit to Allen College. At the time I was finishing my general studies degree at Hawkeye Community College and was not sure what direction I wanted to go. I loved science, technology and was interested in healthcare, so I tagged along with her to visit Allen College. I found radiology to be intriguing because it combined my love for science and technology with the desire to help others in the field of healthcare.

Why do you volunteer your time to be on the Alumni Board?

I was blessed to be the recipient of several scholarships while attending Allen College. Joining the Alumni Board gives me the opportunity to give back and help other students get the same opportunity to receive financial help that I did.

Hobbies or interests?

I have always had a passion for automobiles and racing. I think that the technology and mechanical part of radiology feeds into that as well.

What piece of advice would you give to current Allen students?

The greatest gift you can give a patient is your time. Take the time to listen to them because by giving them your time you are showing that you care. In healthcare it truly is the smallest of things that can change someone’s experience.