Iowa Public Health Research Center (IPHRC) at Allen College


The Iowa Public Health Research Center (IPHRC) provides library resources and research support to Iowa’s public health departments and public health-focused nonprofits at no cost. The IPHRC is based in Waterloo out of Allen College’s Barrett Library and offers access to over 33,000 general health resources, including print titles, online journals, streaming videos, and more.

What Can We Do for You?

  • Supply free digital articles, videos, and more through our library and Interlibrary Loan
  • Send you a specific article or essay you don’t currently have access to because it is behind a paywall
  • Loan physical items, mailed directly to your door, from our collection of over 12,000 texts, DVDs, and other resources
  • Conduct searches, based on topics or keywords, and provide summaries of relevant sources for your convenience
  • Locate research data to help you create a presentation, report, or anything else you are working on
  • Find and share patient materials for a specific issue or audience (nonnative speakers, poor reading comprehension, etc.)
  • Deliver training on how to use the Allen College Library as well as health databases such as PubMed, MedlinePlus, HealthReach, and DailyMed

Who Can Use Our Services



If you are unsure whether you quality, please e-mail

How to Search Our Collection

Click on the item you’d like to access and enter the appropriate information.

Search Online Databases (for electronic articles delivered to your inbox)
Make sure Primo Databases is selected in the dropdown menu (under the Articles/Databases tab). Next, enter a title and/or keywords and press the blue search button. You can refine your results further by using the parameters in the left-hand sidebar. Often you will be able to download and print full texts. In cases where you can’t directly access the full text, please request the item here.

Search Physical Collection (for items mailed to your doorstep)
Enter the title and/or keywords (under the Library Catalog tab). Then, press the blue search button. You can refine your results further by using the parameters in the left-hand sidebar. Many of the items are available online. However, if you are interested in borrowing a physical copy of an item, please fill out a request form here. Note: Recipients of items from the physical collection are responsible for paying all return postage costs.

Requesting and Returning Items

  1. Any employee of eligible organizations can request items or assistance here.
  2. During normal business operations (M-F, excluding weekends and holidays) you will receive an initial e-mail response confirming your request within 24 hours.
  3. If the librarian has additional questions concerning your request, they will contact you at the phone number or e-mail provided.
  4. Electronic items will be sent out within three business days via e-mail. That’s it!
  5. Physical items will be sent out within three business days via first-class mail along with an e-mail confirmation of the mailing and a due date. If we send you an item through the mail, you are responsible for any return postage costs and are expected to return said item to the Allen College Library (postmarked or dropped off) within 4 weeks from the date of the original mailing. Note: Due dates are flexible upon request. We are happy to renew your item or provide additional time. Just ask!

National Network of Libraries of Medicine Resource Spot

These resources are aimed at both professionals and consumers and should be the first stop for your medical research needs:

  • PubMed - over 28 million health-related articles paired with a user-friendly interface
  • MedlinePlus - reliable up-to-date information on medications and supplements distributed in easy to-understand formats such as videos and illustrations
  • HealthReach - a comprehensive source of easy-to-read multilingual and multicultural handouts, audio recordings, and videos for the LEP (Limited English Proficiency) patient
  • DailyMed - the latest information on prescriptions on the US market, including FDA labels and informational package inserts
  • Clinical eCompanion - a convenient one-stop shop for patient handouts, information on drug interactions, and other essential materials

Project Staff

Tiffanie Garcia – Public Health Research Staff, Allen College Barrett Library
Tiffanie Garcia has been with the Allen College Library for more than eight years and has conducted hundreds of literature searches for Allen faculty and staff. If you have questions concerning how the Iowa Public Health Research Center can help you, please contact or (319) 226-2005.

Dr. Ruth Yan – Director, Allen College Barrett Library
Dr. Yan will be acting as the backup librarian for this project. If you cannot get ahold of Tiffanie, have questions about the type of resources available, or would like to potentially gain access to resources that Allen College does not currently have in its holdings, please contact or (319) 226-2080.

Dr. Jeremy Whitaker – Director, Allen College Public Health Bachelor’s Program
Dr. Whitaker worked in a variety of public health settings in Iowa and California before going into higher education. If you would like feedback on a public health research project, please contact or (319) 226-2526.

Allen College and Barrett Library are committed to enhancing area institutions’ ability to educate residents about health issues and provide innovative solutions to community health problems. Whether through direct library services or training initiatives, Barrett Library’s IPHRC strives to provide health departments and their constituents with access to resources needed for optimal public health.

Developed resources reported in this webpage are supported by the National Library of Medicine (NLM), National Institutes of Health (NIH) under cooperative agreement number UG4LM012346 awarded to the University of Iowa. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health or the University of Iowa.