Allen College

Kara Lea Howard
Allen College Class of 2006 (ASR)

Employment History

I am the Educational Coordinator/ Assistant Professor for the Bachelor of Health Science -Medical Imaging Program. I am also a Registered Radiologic Technologist and am board certified in Radiography, CT, and MRI. When I graduated from Allen College, I began working as a radiologic technologist at Allen Hospital in 2006. I transferred to United Medical Park in 2007 and worked there full-time until I transitioned to Allen College in January 2018.

What led you to pursue your education at Allen College?

I was born and raised in Waterloo and knew that I wanted to stay local. Family has always been very important, so I knew that moving away for college was not an option for me personally. I didn't want to go to a large campus, sit in large classrooms, and get "lost" amongst the other students. I wanted to be in an environment where people knew who I was and cared about what I did. Allen College just seemed like the right fit for me and I am forever grateful for the opportunities that Allen College has given me throughout my career.


Accomplishments, awards, or proud moments?

There are personal accomplishments that I am proud of myself for. Ever since I graduated from Allen College in 2006, I knew that I wanted my career to bring me back to campus. I didn't think that my dream would come true by the age of 34 but it most certainly did. I feel very strongly that my work ethic, drive, determination, and self-motivation played a major role in my dream coming true. I have many goals that I wish to accomplish now that I'm here and I can't wait to start checking them off of my bucket list.

How did Allen College help prepare you for where you are now?

I wasn't sure where my life was going to take me once I started Allen College in 2004. I was a "comfort zone" type of person and I didn't think outside the box most days. I was a perfectionist in all aspects of life. I never challenged myself or considered myself to be a risk taker because I feared failure. I think the most challenging thing that I did up until that point was actually commit to being an Allen College student. That was the best decision that I could have made for myself. I learned a lot in those short two years. I learned that no one is perfect. I learned that success is determined by one’s ability to try. Allen College helped me understand that failure should not be feared; failure should be seen as an opportunity for learning, growth, and professional development.

What piece of advice would you give to current Allen students?

Take every opportunity that Allen College has to offer. Don't let your fear of failure stop you from trying!