Transfer Credit Evaluation

Please submit transcripts to from all colleges attended to ensure the most accurate evaluation.
 First Name: Last Name:Previous Last Name(s):Mailing Address:Street:  City: State:Zip:  Phone Number: Email Address:I am requesting an evaluation for the following program:

I will have a Bachelor's degree before applying to Allen College:
 I have attended the following colleges:1st Institution:Semester(s) Attended:Semester(s) Attended:2nd Institution:3rd Institution:Semester(s) Attended:4th Institution:Semester(s) Attended:5th Institution:Semester(s) Attended:Semester(s) Attended:6th Institution:Please submit transcripts from ALL colleges attended to create the most accurate evaluation.*All evaluations are unofficial until the student has been admitted with official transcripts on file. Official transcripts are not required for the initial transfer credit evaluation; however, official transcripts will be required to complete the application process.