Grade and Transcript Information

Grading Scale

Allen College uses a 4.0 grade point scale to measure academic performance. Grade points shall correspond to letter grades as follows:

4.00 B- 2.70 D+ 1.30
  A- 3.70 C+ 2.30 D 1.00
  B+ 3.30 C 2.00 D- 0.70
  B 3.00 C- 1.70 F 0.00


Additional Codes
Additional codes which do not receive grade points are indicated as follows:

I Incomplete   P Pass (Pass/Fail Course)
  WF Withdrawn Failing   IN Incomplete/not passing
  WP Withdrawn Passing   IP In Progress
  AU Audit Enrollment   PF Course is a Pass/Fail Course
  CR Credit   S Satisfactory
  CL Credit by Examination   TR Transfer
  W Withdrawn   X Required course waived
  FA Fail (Pass/Fail Course)    XF Transferred in/failed
  NG No Grade   NC  No Credit

The grade point average (GPA) is determined by dividing the total number of grade points received by the number of credit hours. Incremental grades of “A” through “F” are included in the calculation of the GPA. Students are required to maintain satisfactory academic progress toward the completion of their program throughout their attendance at Allen College.

Student may access their grades using My Pulse. Grade reports and transcripts are not accessible if the student has a hold.


An Allen College transcript will include transferable coursework in addition to courses taken at Allen College. Only Allen College coursework is used to determine GPA. Transcripts are requested online by visiting and searching for transcript. Transcript costs vary by delivery method.

Transcripts will not be released if the student has a hold or for noncompliance of policies.

Student Honors and Recognition

General Information

Allen College recognizes students who receive a scholarship, honor, or award in several ways. News articles are sent to the Waterloo Courier, and the students’ newspaper of choice. Scholarship winners are required to attend a recognition event in the fall. Senior honors and awards are recognized at the Graduation Ceremony.

Dean’s List

Recognition of outstanding academic achievement is an important part of the Allen College philosophy. At the completion of each semester, undergraduate students who have achieved a 3.5 grade point while enrolled in at least 12 hours will be named to the Dean’s List. The list is distributed to the students' newspaper of choice. Students who obtain Dean's List recognition deserve special congratulations. Students who do not wish to have this information published must notify the Registrar's Office in writing no later than one week after the beginning of the semester.

Academic Honors

Academic honors will be given to outstanding Associate and Baccalaureate Degree graduating students each year. During the graduation ceremony, academic honors are given based on the student’s GPA at the conclusion of the previous required semester. Final honors will be calculated after graduation and noted on the student’s transcript and diploma. The honors and criteria for each are as follows:

  • The distinction summa cum laude (highest honor) is given to students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.9 or above.
  • The distinction magna cum laude (high honor) is given to students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.71 to 3.89.
  • The distinction cum laude (honor) is given to students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 to 3.7.