Allen College

Scholarship Opportunities Outside Allen

In addition to Allen College institutional scholarships, there are other scholarship opportunities. These scholarships are posted as they become available from outside organizations.

Lakeview Health Scholarship - Posted 8-15-2019. Application deadline 12-15-2019

Exam Monk  Scholarship - Posted 7-10-2019. Application deadline 12-10-2019 Aging Matters Scholarship - Posted 7-10-2019. Application deadline 5-15-2020

Chairish Design Your Future Scholarship - Posted 5-22-2019. Application deadline 1-1 and 6-30

Scholarship for Foreign Born Students - Posted 8-31-2018. Application deadline 9-30-2019

The Beauty + Wellness Scholarships for Women - Posted 4-19-2018. Application deadline June 30th of every year.

ZipRecruiter Scholarship - Posted 1-9-2018

LifeServe (Blood Drive) Scholarship - Posted 12-12-2017

May Firm Injury Scholarship - Posted 7-31-2017

Life Serve Blood Center Student Scholarship - Posted 4-11-2017

US Army Scholarships - Posted 3-23-2017

Wells Fargo Veterans Scholarship/Emergency Grant - Posted 2-11-2016

Masters In Public Scholarships - Posted 10-20-2015

Johnson & Johnson's Scholarships - Posted 9-16-2015

Community Foundation of Northeast Iowa Scholarships - Posted 2-3-2015

AfterCollege Scholarships - Posted 3-26-2013

Air Force Scholarships - Posted 10-23-2012

Additional Resources

AfterCollege-American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) Scholarship
(The AACN/AfterCollege Scholarships support students who are seeking a baccalaureate, master's or doctoral degree in nursing. Eight $2,500 scholarships will be awarded throughout the year.)

Healthcare Loan Repayment Program - Posted 4-9-2019

Scholarship Help Information

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