Allen College

Campus Facilities

Campus Hours

Allen College campus buildings and access

     Physical Address
      (not for mailing)
Access Type
Barrett Forum      
   1990 Heath Street      
Badge access only
Winter Hall
   1950 Heath Street
Main entrance
Gerard Hall
   1950 Heath Street
Badge access only
Alumni Hall
   1955 Heath Street
By appointment only
McElroy Hall
   1913 Heath Street
Badge access only

Campus Computer Lab

There is an on campus computer lab available to students via badge access 24 hours seven days a week. The computer lab is located in Barrett Forum and at that building entrance.

Identification Badge

An identification badge is issued to all Allen College students. This badge can be used as identification or access for various purposes; access campus buildings, access to in-patient care areas, check out books from the Library, entry to the Computer Lab, or student discounts at the cafeteria and a variety of other student functions where a valid student identification card is required. There is a replacement charge for lost identification badges. Badges should be returned to the Office of Enrollment Management upon graduation, withdrawal or dismissal.

Food Services

Allen Memorial Hospital Café

The Café at Allen Memorial Hospital provides meal service to students at a discount. Students must wear their identification badge so the Café Associates will be able to identify the student and provide meal service at a discount.


Vending machines are located in the northeast corner of Barrett Forum Student Center, the Gerard Hall second floor canteen area, and McElroy Hall lounge and by the break room. The machines contain snacks and beverages, and a microwave is available. Coffee, tea and water are available in most vending locations. Outdoor seating is located on the east side of Barrett Forum (adjacent to the student center) and on the south side of McElroy Hall.

There are a number of fast food restaurants within walking distance of campus and Hy-Vee offers hot and cold meal options, and is a short walk east of the campus outdoor patio.

Security of and Access to Campus Facilities

Access to the buildings is only allowed for faculty/staff members, hospital employees, and students. The security officers also perform vehicle patrols of parking lots and surrounding areas.

The Allen College campus has implemented badge access to its facility. All academic buildings are secured during the evenings and weekends. Winter Hall is generally open to the public between 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. Monday - Friday, excluding holidays and posted closures.

Students and employees are asked to be alert and to not circumvent practices and procedures that are meant to preserve their safety and that of others:

  • Do not prop doors open or allow strangers into campus buildings that have been secured
  • Do not lend keys or access cards to non-students and do not leave them unattended
  • Do not give access codes to anyone who does not belong to the campus community

Keys to the offices, laboratories, and classrooms on campus will be issued to employees only as needed and after receiving the proper authorization. Faculty and staff in each department are responsible for assuring his/her area is secured and locked.

Faculty, staff and student employees must adhere to policies regarding unauthorized access to school facilities, theft of, or damage to, school property, or other criminal activity. In particular, rendering inoperable or abusing any fire prevention or detection equipment is prohibited. Violation of these policies may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination and the filing of charges with law enforcement authorities.

Employee and student identification cards may be used to verify the identity of persons suspected to be in campus facilities without permission. Security Considerations in the Maintenance of Facilities

Security also is a consideration in maintaining campus facilities.

The Director of Business & Administrative Services and the Security Department works with the Plant Services Department to identify needs on the campus for facilities maintenance and/or improvements. They do safety checks to identify street or safety lights that are not working, or shrubs or other landscaping that might need trimming. Custodial and maintenance personnel regularly check to ensure pathways are well lighted and that egress lighting is working in hallways and stairwells.