Allen College

School of Nursing Mission & Philosophy

School of Nursing Mission

Allen College Nursing Programs prepare professional graduates who meet essential nursing practice standards in a variety of settings, caring for diverse individuals, families, and populations. These programs emphasize scholarship, experiential and lifelong learning, service, and interprofessional partnerships.

School of Nursing Philosophy

The philosophy and purpose of the nursing programs arise from the mission, philosophy, and goals of Allen College. The faculty values the goals of higher education and supports the missions of teaching, scholarship, practice, and service.

Nursing is an art and science that is continuously evolving through the synthesis of theory and knowledge. Caring is the essence of nursing practice. As a holistic and humanistic profession, nursing is committed to addressing the health-related biopsychosocial, spiritual, and intellectual needs of diverse clients. Nurses apply the nursing process while using healthcare technologies, evidence, critical thinking, clinical decision-making, and clinical judgment to provide person-centered care. Nurses collaborate with other members of the interprofessional health care team in the delivery of safe, high quality, culturally sensitive care to diverse individuals, families, and populations, with an emphasis on improving health outcomes.

The faculty believes in a holistic and inclusive approach to nursing education, recognizing the uniqueness of each individual. The teaching-learning process involves a dynamic interaction among teacher, learner, and environment. Faculty consider learning an active, lifelong, self-motivated process necessary for professional, personal, and leadership development. Knowledge, skills, and attitudes are best transferred using principles of good teaching and a variety of teaching methods in diverse settings. The Allen College faculty value service as an extension of learning that fosters the development of a sense of caring for others.