Picture of Jared Seliger
Dr. Jared Seliger President and Professor (319) 226 2015
Picture of Peggy Fortsch
Dr. Peggy Fortsch Professor and Dean, School of Health Sciences (319) 226 2031
Picture of Denise Hanson
Denise Hanson Executive Director of Business and Finance & Chief Information Security Officer Liaison (319) 226 2012
Picture of Joanna Ramsden-Meier
Dr. Joanna Ramsden-Meier Dean of Enrollment Management, ADA Coordinator, Title IX Coordinator and International & ESL Student Advisor (319) 226 2004
Picture of Kendra Williams-Perez
Dr. Kendra Williams-Perez Professor and Dean, School of Nursing and ROTC Coordinator (319) 226 2044