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Our aim is to partner with academe to enhance and support your total academic experience and to promote your academic achievement and retention. Assistance is available with time management, study skills, note taking, reading a text, writing, overcoming test anxiety, test-taking strategies, and other areas related to student success. Referrals are made for students requiring assistance with severe test anxiety and other needs not provided directly by the Student Success staff. In addition to these online resources, face-to-face meetings with the Student Success staff are encouraged if you would like additional assistance in areas related to your academic success. For additional information, contact:

Allen College Resources
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Time Management
Managing Your Time
Making and Following a Study Schedule
Study Schedule Template
Assignment Calculator
Time Management Panopto

Studying More Effectively
Developing a Mindset for Successful Learning
Beliefs that Make You Fail. or Succeed
What Students Should Know About How People Learn
Cognitive Principles for Optimizing Learning
Putting Principles for Learning into Practice
I Blew the Exam, Now What?

Memory/Learning Principles
Improving Your Memory Skills Panopto
Improving Concentration, Memory, and Motivation

Taking Notes
Note Taking Methods and Tips
Tips for Taking Effective Lecture Notes
Note Taking Panopto
Cornell Note-taking Method template

Reading a Textbook
SQ3R Method of Reading a Text Panopto
SQ3R Method Handout
How to Read Textbooks and Technical Material
How to Remember More of What You Read
How to Be an Effective Critical Reader

Test Taking Help
Test Question Analysis Panopto
Test-Taking Strategies Videos
Process for Analyzing Test Questions Handout
11 Tips for Passing Tests
Test-Taking Strategies Panopto

Test Anxiety
Overcoming Test Anxiety Panopto

Study Strategies
Improving Your Study Skills Panopto
Successful Study Habits
5-Day Study Plan
Lab Values Cheat Sheet

Medication Calculation Review and Practice Quizzes

    Quiz #1   Quiz #5      Answer Key
  Quiz #2
 Quiz #6      Med Calc Review
Quiz #3  Quiz #7      Tip Sheet
Quiz #4    

Additional Med Calc Tutorials

Writing Assistance
College Writing Handbook
UNC Writing Handouts
Paraphrasing and Quoting Sources
Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism
Using Commas (and other punctuation) Correctly
The Blue Book of Grammar & Punctuation
Help for Writing Your Resume

APA Resources
APA Formatting and Style Summary
APA Formatting-7th Ed. Panopto
APA Citations-7th Ed. Panopto
APA References- 7th Ed. Panopto
APA Grading Key-7th Ed.
APA Crosswalk - 6th Ed. to 7th Ed.
Creating a Running Head
Bookmarks for Your APA Manual

AMA Resources
AMA Resource Guide
AMA Reference List
AMA and APA Comparison

"English as a Second Language" Resources

Article Use
Grammar Guide
ESL Writing Resources
English Learners Dictionary
Writing and Vocabulary Guides
Medical Dictionary and Pronunciation Guide

Academic Accommodations

If you are interested in seeking academic accommodations, please see the Academic Accommodations for Students with Disabilities policy.