Distinguished Alumni Award
Darlene Shipp

"Hall of Fame" is to honor the very best; A person who stands above the rest...A nurse who would do anything at all...to meet the professional creed; to help ANYONE when they call. One who is dedicated and committed, too. To help out me and to help out you. This nurse has given over 30 years... She's SOOTHED SORROW and PAIN and many TEARS. She's what ALLEN wants their Nurses to be...She's a walking ad for "Allen Hospitality"...

Darlene Shipp 1998

Darlene Shipp graduated from Allen Memorial Hospital Lutheran School of Nursing in 1965.


  • 1962 - Awarded Bachelor's Degree in Christian Education - Omaha Baptist Bible College
  • 1986 - Awarded Bachelor's of Science in Nursing from University of Dubuque
  • 1993 - Awarded Master's Degree in Nursing - Drake University
  • Obtained National Certification in In-Patient Obstetrics
  • Inducted into the Allen College of Nursing Honor Society
  • Member & Officer in the Association of Women's Health, Obstetrics & Neonatal Nursing (AWHONN)
  • District board member of the Iowa Nurses Association (INA)
  • Board member of the Black Hawk County American Cancer Society
  • Board member of the Allen Alumni Association
  • Served as Co-director of Allen School of Nursing
  • Has been a registered nurse for 40 years
  • Has been a member of the Allen School of Nursing/Allen College for 30 years