Distinguished Alumni Award
Doris Guy

"If a person consciously chooses to consistently give of themselves in a manner that puts the needs of others, often total strangers, above their own needs, she deserves our gratitude and respect. Any single accomplishment of Doris Guy would merit consideration - the Red Cross, Scouting and of Nursing. Most significant is the example she presents in living true principles of her Christian belief."

Doris Guy 2003

Doris Steward Guy graduated from Allen Memorial Hospital Lutheran School of Nursing in 1953.


  • Key Leader on the State Advisory Committee on Disaster - Red Cross
  • Key member of the Story County Chapter Red Cross Board - Volunteered 1,892 hours in six months to one year
  • Served on seven National level disasters from Iowa to Florida
  • During the 1993 floods, Doris was the key leader in the provision of services across the country
  • Health Services Instructor for the Iowa Disaster Training Institute
  • August 3, 2002 as a patient in the hospital gave a "phone orientation" to volunteers during a major fire in Des Moines
  • In 1998, Doris was the recipient of the "J.C. Penney Golden Rule Award"
  • September 11, 2001, Doris witnessed first hand the government's response to the terrible events of the day. She reported to the pentagon disaster scene to serve in a supervisory role for military personnel and their dependents
  • Volunteered in New York City to provide nursing leadership at outreach program in the vicinity of the World Trade Center
  • Doris has been assigned 24+ national disasters since becoming a volunteer in 1991