Mary Brown, Associate Professor Emerita

Allen College is honored to induct Associate Professor Emerita, Mary Brown for 2017. Mary Brown is the pioneer of service learning at Allen College. She introduced the concept to faculty and brought education to our faculty to build the foundation that exists today. Mary served as the Center for Engagement, Learning, and Leadership (CELL) Director from 2010 to 2013, and as the CELL Advisor from 2014 to 2015. In that capacity she was an educator and advocate for service with students, faculty, and staff. Her dedication to service and volunteering is evident on a daily basis. As can be seen from Mary’s involvement in community based activities, she models service continuously. Mary spear-headed the development and implementation of the Service Honors program now available for Allen College nursing students. She was instrumental in the outreach activities of Allen College with the community, exposing nearly all nursing students to the various community agencies that help serve the Cedar Valley. Mary provides students with opportunities to experience the work of these organizations in a hands-on approach. Mary’s work provided a firm foundation for Allen students to become involved in philanthropy in the community after graduation and throughout their careers. On many occasions, feedback from alumni regarding their involvement in the community has directly stemmed from their exposure and involvement in community opportunities that Mary provided. Mary held the R.J. McElroy Endowed Chair for Interdisciplinary Studies at Allen College starting in 1996. In that position, she led efforts among the various health care programs of Allen College to promote community service and service learning. Mary retired in December of 2015 after more than 40 years of service as a registered nurse.