Allen College Student Radiography Organization (ASRO)

ASRO is a student lead organization that focuses on students’ volunteering and community service activities. The ASRO officers and representatives set goals at the beginning of each academic year. All current ASR students are members of the Allen College Student Radiography Organization. The ASR student body elects officers for the Student Organization. The offices are held for a one-year term beginning summer semester.

Respective duties are as follows:

President - schedules and conducts meetings; presents student body concerns to administration, Enrollment Management, and/or program director/dean as appropriate. The president is invited to attend the ASR advisory committee meeting.

Vice President - lends organizational assistance to the president; coordinates all committee work; assumes the duties of the president in his/her absence.

Secretary - records minutes of all student meetings; conducts correspondence; facilitates communication to members via bulletin board or other means.

Class Representatives - each class has representatives who serve on the Student Organization. Representatives are responsible for communication between the Student Organization and the student body.