Allen College

Anne Christensen Doyle Center for Engagement, Learning, and Leadership/Service Learning

Service-learning is a teaching method that connects learning in the classroom to active participation of service to the community.


Service-Learning is a method…

  • Under which students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences that meet actual community needs and that are coordinated in collaboration with the school and the community.

  • That is integrated into the student’s academic curriculum or provides structured time for a student to think, talk, or write about what the student did during the actual service activity.

  • That provides students with opportunities to use newly acquired skills and knowledge in real life situations in their own communities.

  • That enhances what is taught in school by extending student learning beyond the classroom and into the community and helps to foster the development of a sense of caring for others (National Community Service Act of 1990).

Allen College Students currently enrolled in the School of Nursing and the School of Health Sciences take designated courses that provide service-learning activities connecting students and the community.

Service Learning helps to develop responsible health care providers who recognize the value of community. Student involvement in these experiences allows Allen College to fulfill its mission of educating and developing individuals as health care professionals who are committed to caring, excellence, and lifelong learning through educational and experiential programs and community service. In addition to meeting the mission of the college, other student benefits include:

  • Enhance critical thinking ability.

  • Better application of knowledge learned in the classroom.

  • Development as a participating member of the community.

  • Learn new problem solving skills.

  • Develop a stronger connection with the academic institution.

  • Improved student retention.

  • Increase likelihood of participation in volunteer activities in the future.