The ACIRB meets the second Monday of each month unless otherwise specified. Submission deadlines apply only to research that requires full ACIRB review. Submission deadlines do not apply to projects that qualify for expedited review, EBPQI review, or exempt status. Applications that require full ACIRB review should be submitted by noon (12 p.m.) on the specified deadline.  


Meeting Date
Deadline for Application Submission
July (No meeting) NA
August (No meeting) NA
September 11
August 28
October 16
October 2
November 13
October 30
December 11
November 27
January 22 January 8
February 12 January 29
March 18 March 4
April 8 March 25
May 6 April 22
June 3 May 20
July (No meeting) NA
August (No meeting)