Allen College Day of Giving

Allen College Day of Giving

On Tuesday, August 30, 2022, you can make a difference by taking part in the Allen College Day of Giving. A gift to benefit the Allen College You Matter Award.

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Allen College You Matter Award

As the higher education sector continues to emerge from disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and with students and their families experiencing the negative effects of high inflation, the affordability of attending college continues to be a significant barrier among students. Allen College's Admissions and Financial Aid teams have worked diligently with our prospective and current students to ensure they know all of the resources available to them to afford an Allen College education. In some cases, students choose other institutions or leave Allen College after a few semesters solely on a financial basis.

The establishment of the "You Matter Award" allows Allen College to provide immediate financial assistance for tuition/fees to students to reduce some of the financial barriers. The Financial Aid team has complete autonomy to use the fund appropriately for students who this could make an immediate impact on their decision to continue their education at Allen College. The "You Matter Award" could range anywhere between $500 and $2,000.

Renae Carrillo, Allen College Financial Aid Director agrees, "The establishment of the 'You Matter Award' is really exciting for our staff and eventually our students as they'll be able to benefit from it. Often times, we meet with students struggling to cover their costs one semester more than other semesters due to required fees and course requirements. It's tough to only be able to offer them additional loan money or sometimes nothing at all and not feel like we can truly help. Sometimes it does cause a student to withdraw or choose a different school over Allen College. The creation of the 'You Matter Award' will not only give our staff the option to really provide assistance in those tough situations but also show our students they have our support. Being able to provide this type of help for students really speaks to our caring culture and as the name of the award states, lets our students know they matter."

Support at every level makes a difference. Are you ready to go #allinforallen?

Call the Allen Foundation at (319) 235-3960 or email Jan Erpelding to learn more.