English Proficiency

Acknowledging that non-native English-speaking students may experience a language barrier, Allen College uses an American College Classroom Experience course to ensure that a language barrier does not prevent the student's success. This course was developed to enrich a non-native English speaking student's knowledge about nursing and health sciences programs including demonstrations of lectures, labs, student and faculty interactions as well as an in depth study of common terms used in these programs.

As part of the admissions process, students whose primary language is not English will enroll for the American College Classroom Experience course, including the medical terminology course, at the student's cost. This course takes up to six weeks to complete.

Once the student has completed all admissions requirements, including successfully passing the American College Classroom Experience course, including the medical terminology course, the student will be eligible to have their admission file reviewed by the admission committee.

Students may take this course as many times as necessary to pass. All fees associated with this course are the responsibility of the student.

Non-native English-speaking students are exempt from taking this course if they have completed their high school education, an associate degree in nursing or medical lab technician, or a bachelor's degree or higher at an American College or University.

To enroll in the courses, please use the links below, create an account in English3, and successfully complete the American College Classroom Experience course and the Medical Terminology course.   



Please direct any questions regarding these courses to Dr. Joanna Ramsden-Meier, Dean of Enrollment Management, at Joanna.Ramsden-Meier@AllenCollege.edu or (319) 226-2004.