Allen College

Health Resources

Counseling Services

Student counseling services are available through UnityPoint Health – Allen Hospital’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) office, which offers unlimited, free, confidential assessment, short-term counseling, and referral, if necessary, to Allen College students to address

  • personal issues (marriage, divorce, grief/loss, parenting, etc.)
  • mental health concerns (depression, general or test anxiety, etc.),
  • and
  • job/school-related issues (stress, work conflicts, etc.).

No one lives a life without problems. When you face challenges or concerns in your personal, home, or work life, EAP can be an essential source of support for you. You do not need a referral to EAP; just call to schedule an appointment or request additional information about their services. When you call, identify yourself as an Allen College student.

For contact information and office hours, please visit the EAP website at This free and confidential benefit is available to you and your immediate family members while you are a student at Allen College. In addition to face-to-face sessions, virtual appointments are available via smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Anxiety and Sleep Guide

This guide, from, provides an in-depth look at how anxiety can affect your sleep and, in turn, your mental health. The information will show you how to mitigate the debilitating effects of sleep deprivation, sleep better, and perform better.

Tips for Staying Healthy in College

This tip sheet is a list of healthy habits that will help you to experience more peaks than troughs in your health while in college and beyond.

How to Eat Healthy in College

This site has some practical advice for ways to improve your eating habits and avoid the too familiar scenario of college weight gain. There is a section on navigating the dining hall. Although we don’t have a dining hall, read this section—it offers strategies for choosing healthy alternatives to have on hand when you plan for and fix your meals and snacks.

Tips for Good Sleep

This document outlines strategies to ensure that you are doing things that will promote good sleep hygiene.