Preceptor Promotion Page

This website is a service for clinical preceptors in the graduate nursing programs at Allen College. Thank you for your willingness to make a positive impact on nurse practitioners of the future.


Being an Effective Preceptor

Reasons to be a Preceptor

  • Contribute to the education of future providers - your knowledge and experience is important in developing quality providers of the future

  • Assure sufficient numbers of providers - there is a shortage of primary care providers in this community and country

  • Promote your practice - showcase your practice and its distinct strengths to promote referrals

  • Help identify possible good fit - develop relationships with future providers that may become part of your practice in the future

  • Service to your profession - good role models are important to developing our profession

  • Fresh perspective - students can often provide a different prospective on patients and your practice helping you to continue to grow

New Emphasis for Nurse Practitioner Students

Allen College recently established a Rural and Underserved Populations emphasis for Nurse Practitioner (NP) students. The number of NPs being recruited to work in low income and rural areas nearly doubled in recent years. Both low income and rural populations have increased risk factors for diabetes, COPD, cardiovascular disease, and mental illness. Both encounter increased barriers due to care access and social determinants leading to poorer outcomes. Providing additional content and experience for students in these areas assures Allen students are prepared to meet this demand and improve patient outcomes.

The emphasis is voluntary and requires participating students to attend two 7-hour seminars, in addition to their regular coursework, and they must complete 150 of their clinical hours in rural and/or underserved areas. The Care of Rural populations Seminar includes content on health care issues related to farming and rural living, farm safety and prevention, and migrant and farm worker culture and health concerns. The seminar on Care of Underserved Populations covers poverty, homelessness, African American healthcare, care of LGBTQ+ community, mental health, and substance use disorder. Both seminars focus on social determinants and resources available.

The intent of the emphasis is to equip these new healthcare providers with knowledge, competence, and resources to provide exceptional care to patients in rural or farm settings and to low income patient populations who currently struggle with disparity in health outcomes. Beginning fall 2021, these seminars will be opened to seasoned healthcare providers who want to earn CEUs and learn more about these special populations.