Preceptor Promotion Page

This website is a service for clinical preceptors in the graduate programs at Allen College. Thank you for your willingness to make a positive impact on nurse practitioners of the future.

Preceptor Spotlight

Jeff Guse, Jamie Barnett, and Taylor Odneal
  at UnityPoint Waterloo – West DEC

Recognizing Excellence

UnityPoint Family Medicine-West has been supporting education of new nurse practitioner providers for two years. The clinic is part of a growing number of clinics known as DECs (Designated Education Clinics). These clinics have committed to providing clinical education to students on a regular basis. Family Medicine-West providers have supervised an extra-ordinary 7,000+ clinical hours since they became a DEC in 2017! The clinic has gone the extra mile in planning clinic space to accommodate their students. At the clinic, there is an office designated for students with a computer portal for EMR access. Clinic Medical Director Jeff Guse noticed that students can often teach and support each other and feels the space facilitates this interchange. He was anxious to become part of a DEC clinic because he understands the pressure students feel in finding good clinical sites and he loves to teach. Jeff, Jamie Barnett, and Taylor Odneal have become great spokes persons for the DEC and see the model as a real advantage for their clinic.

Allen College piloted its first Designated Education Clinic in 2016 and the concept is growing. Allen currently has six Dedicated Education Clinics (in Waterloo, Oelwein and Cedar Rapids). DEC clinics have the advantage of having students scheduled for their clinical rotations by our Clinical Coordinator which provides a smooth process and eliminates the clinic from having to handle student requests. DECs provide an immersion experience for students who must commit to rotations 2-3 days a week for 4-5 consecutive weeks. Preceptors have let us know that they feel this provides them and the student with a better experience, allowing preceptors to better guide the student’s learning and growth. Evaluations of the DECs have born this out. Student also provide added value to the clinic being able to spend extra time with patients. Students are required to document their patient encounters which not only provider valuable experience for the student but facilitates record completion for providers.

Reasons to be a Preceptor

  • Contribute to the education of future providers - your knowledge and experience is important in developing quality providers of the future

  • Assure sufficient numbers of providers - there is a shortage of primary care providers in this community and country

  • Promote your practice - showcase your practice and its distinct strengths to promote referrals

  • Help identify possible good fit - develop relationships with future providers that may become part of your practice in the future

  • Service to your profession - good role models are important to developing our profession

  • Fresh perspective - students can often provide a different prospective on patients and your practice helping you to continue to grow