Public Health-Healthcare Leadership

Students enrolling in the Public Health program are automatically eligible for a 25% tuition deduction.

The purpose of the Public Health program is to prepare leaders in a variety of health care settings. Awarding a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree, completion may serve as a terminal degree, or the basis for graduate study in public health, occupational therapy, or other advanced degrees in the health sciences.

Course content, delivered 100 percent online, exposes students to broader health care concepts. Health care policy, cultural competence, epidemiology, and population health are explored. The faculty believes these theories and values are essential.

    Allen College, part of UnityPoint Health System, understands baccalaureate-prepared health care providers are better equipped for expanded roles. Graduates are cognizant of new systems of health care delivery, changing disease patterns, population patterns, and a more health conscious public.

    Due to the online format, most students work while enrolled, not needing to relocate near campus. This may significantly reduce the amount of financial aid needed.

    Program Goals

    The BHS-PH program seeks to:

    1. Educate professionals who are competent care providers in a variety of public health settings;

    2. Promote critical thinking, scholarship, and citizenship to improve the quality of life for individuals, families, and communities;

    3. Facilitate the development of effective communication skills; and

    4. Develop a commitment to lifelong learning and the role of the population-focused health professional.

    Program Mission Statement

    The mission of the BHS-PH degree program is to translate population-based knowledge into strategies to prevent human disease and disability. The program prepares graduates for careers in the public health field that focus on interventions and programs aimed at improving the health status and quality of life for individuals and populations. The BHS-PH program is dedicated to a holistic approach to education recognizing the uniqueness of each student, to excellence in education and to the utilization of and participation in scholarship and evidenced based practices that promote health and prevent human disease and disability.

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    Questions? Please contact:

    Jeremy Whitaker, EdD, MPH
    Program Director
    (319) 226-2526


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