Allen College

Refund Policy

These refund policies apply to charges for courses and services provided by Allen College. If students take courses or use services at any other institution, they are bound by the refund policies of those institutions.

Students electing to withdraw from a course or from the institution may be granted a tuition refund if they adhere to the withdrawal procedure stated below. The full Refund and Repayment policy is on the policies webpage.

  • A student must first give notice to the Registrar's Office of his/her withdrawal.
  • The Registrar's Office will then notify the Administrative Office and Student Financial Services Office of the withdrawal date.
  • The Student Financial Services Office will calculate any adjustment to be made to the student's financial aid package per the institutional and federal refund calculation method.
  • Financial Aid adjustments for partial withdrawal or the addition of classes will follow the dates as stated in the refund schedule.
  • Students will be granted a refund only after refunds required by Federal and State regulations have been made and if there is a credit balance remaining.
  • Financial Aid funds will be credited to the students' account. Any refunds owed to the student will be sent to the most current billing address on file in the registrar's office.

Enrollment Period

  • The refund schedule varies based on the length of the course. The academic calendar will reflect refund dates for each semester.

No refunds shall be issued to a student who has not completed the withdrawal procedure. Students dismissed for reasons of improper conduct are not eligible for a credit and/or refund.