Allen College

Student Needs

Allen College Financial Aid & Scholarships

If you are facing any financial hardship, please contact the Allen College Student Financial Services Office at or (319) 226-2003.

Student Assistance Fund

Students facing financial hardship during their enrollment may be eligible to utilize Allen College’s Student Assistance Fund. This limited emergency assistance is intended to help students overcome temporary financial obstacles that may prevent their continued enrollment at Allen College.

Possible situations covered by the Student Assistance Fund:

  • Loss of Job/Reduction of Income 
  • Loss of Benefits 
  • Medical/Dental Expenses 
  • Natural Disaster

Email to receive an application/p.

Food Insecurity

Many college students struggle with food insecurity, and it can be difficult to be successful in your education if you have unmet needs. If you are struggling to afford enough food to eat or do not have a secure place to sleep, please reach out to We are here to help.

Allen Exchange

The Allen Exchange, located in the Computer Lab in Barrett Forum, is a collection of donated items providing college essentials to Allen College students free of charge. Students can find shelf-stable food items, Allen College uniforms, textbooks, and school supplies available in this space. There are also lunch areas in Barrett Forum, Gerard Hall, and McElroy Hall.

The Allen Exchange can be accessed by students 24/7 using their student ID badge.

If you are in need of specific items not currently available in the Allen Exchange, please email your request to

Kwik Star Gift Cards

Pick up a $10 Kwik Star gift card from Corrine Ott, Winter Hall Atrium, to cover the cost of produce, dairy, or fuel at any Kwik Star location.