Traditional BSN

Allen College students learn the importance of critical thinking throughout the program. Becoming culturally sensitive and socially aware is also instilled to provide the holistic patient centered care that Allen values.

Students attend a regionally accredited institution of their choice to complete the required general education courses before attending Allen College. An Allen adviser helps make a smooth transition between the institutions.

The Traditional BSN Option typically requires 1.5 years at another college earning the prescribed general education credits. After completion, students attend Allen College for 2.5 years completing the nursing coursework. The Traditional option begins in the fall and spring terms.

Exciting Changes are Coming!

Beginning in spring 2023, Allen College will offer a revised BSN program. Meeting the needs of the community and today’s college students is at the forefront of the change. The Traditional BSN option will be earned in two years, after completing the prescribed general education courses at another regionally accredited institution. The new requirements and curriculum are accessible above.